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Adsense Account Approved For BlogSpot

Posted by classiindia on March 21, 2010

Adsense Account Approved For BlogSpot:

Earlier when Google launched the adsense program, blogspot was the best way to get an adsense account, but now because of huge demand of adsense , Google is not entertaining adsense account from blogspot domain easily. The most common response from adsense is Issue with page . Though adsense approval process for blogspot is easy and feasible for many.

There is a simple trick which you can use to get your adsense account approved forblogspot domain quickly.
If your blogspot account have sufficient number of post (minimum 5+) then it’s easy to get your adsense account approved. If you have personal domain and host chances of adsense approval is very high.
Now the question is,

How you can get a free domain name?

There are many web services which provide you free domain names and that will be very handy for you to get your Google adsense account approved easily.
In this trick I will take an example of domain
# Select your free domain name, I will suggest use the same domain name which you have on blogspot.
Suppose if you have domain name as then search for the availability of
# Activate your account and login to your account and click on Set up>> manage domain
Select Zone record and in the host column enter your domain name
Now select CNAME� for Type and enter Call:9994251082 on the value field.
By now you have done setting up your domain and it’s time now to set up yourblogspot blog for the same.

How to redirect your blogspot blog to custom domain?

Login to your blogspot account, under settings>publishing, select Switch to custom domain
Now enter your domain name in the field and click on save.
It will take one to two days to take settings in effect.
As soon as your blog is redirected domain , apply for adsense again.
Some time Google adsense reject the application, the key word is resubmit your application.
Even I got my adsense account approved after almost 30 resubmission.

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