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“WINDOWS” Original Name is “Interface Manager”

Posted by classiindia on April 23, 2010

“WINDOWS” Original Name is “Interface Manager” :

Microsoft Corporation formally announced Microsoft Windows on November 10, 1983. At the Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was pronounced as a next-generation operating system that would provide a graphical user interface and multitasking environment for IBM computers. Originally it was named “Interface Manager”. But Rowland Hanson from Microsoft’s Marketing Department convinced Bill Gates to change the name to Windows. Thus Windows was released in 1984. Initially response to Windows was Poor. Perhaps IBM also working on its own GUI product called Top View at the same time. Bill finally won the race after good competition from other GUI products.

Apple Logo:

Roy Wayne, co-founder of Apple Computer. Designed the first Apple logo. It look like a picture than a logo. It showed Sir Isaac Newton sitting beneath the famous Apple tree thinking about gravity. Steve jobs felt that it was too intellectual. Therefore, in 1977 jobs asked Rob Janoff , an art designer who already created IBM logo, to design the new Apple logo. The logo had a simple shape of an apple. It was bitten a bit in the corner with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. The bite symbolized knowledge and the bite could also be pronounced “byte”.

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