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Bluetooth: Harald Blatand (Bluetooth in English) JAVA

Posted by classiindia on April 23, 2010


James Gosling and a team of programmers at Sun Microsystems released an Internet programming language called Java in 1991. James Gosling originally named the java language as Oak. His inspiration for this time was a large oak tree outside of his office window at Sun Microsystems. Later, it was realized that Oak was the name of an older programming language. So they decided to change the name. After many hours of discussions, they came up with the name JAVA inspired a coffee in one of the local coffee shop. Java is not an Acronym.

Bluetooth: Harald Blatand (Bluetooth in English)

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless networking Technology mainly for short distances for connecting mobile phones, laptop and PDA’s. Bluetooth name originally came from here is the story. It was named after a Danish Viking and king, Harald Blatand, who lived in the latter part of the 10th century. Harald Blatand united and controlled Denmark and Norway. Ericsson conceived Bluetooth as a technology in 1994. Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, Intel and Toshiba founded the Bluetooth SIG trade association in 1998.

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