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Lover's Day Special SMS Collections 2011

Posted by classiindia on April 23, 2010

Love sms:

Nee vendum endralum, vendaam endralum, Un Nizhal unnai vitu pogaathu,

athu pola than en anbum..

Anaal en anbu nizhal alla nijam.

Lovers Day Special Offer!

“LOVER’S DAY” athiradi offer’

3sms anuppinal 1sms thirupi anupapadum, ithu

sms stock ulla varai mattumey.

5 sms ku mel anuppum adhirstasali kaluku oru pictur msg

Lovers Day Advice:

Erumbu ura Kallum theyum unmaithan.

Athukaga sms anuppina cell’m theyum nu nenakirathu ungaluke over ah theriyala.. iniyavathu purinji nadanthukunga…

Lover’s Day Punch Dialogue:

“KANNIL” pathintha uravugal marayalam… Aanal “NENJIL” pathintha uravugal endrum maraivathilai. Unnai pol..! Advance

Happy Lovers Day My Dear Viji Chlm.

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