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Free English Speech Training

Posted by classiindia on July 8, 2010

Free English Speech Training :

A telephone talk between a VIP and the Principal of a
college. The VIP will be the chief guest for a function in the
Hello, Good morning, I’m Bharathidasan
speaking from Bangalore.
Principal :
Hello, Good morning, Sir. I’m the Principal of CAT
College at Chennai. This is about your stay.
The choice is yours, Sir. Our guest house or a suite
in a hotel.
I generally find a suite in a hotel more satisfactory.
Principal :
We’ll book a suite in the Hotel Opera.
That’s very kind of you. I’ll be there on Wednesday
morning by nine.
Principal :
We’re looking forward to your visit, Sir.
Thank you, see you bye.
Principal :
Good-bye, Sir.

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