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Google Adsense Online Free Training

Posted by classiindia on August 3, 2010

Google Adsense Online Free Training :

Google AdSense for Content :

Google AdSense for Content code automatically crawls the web page content before displaying the ads and do a match with the Compete-ting Advertiser ads and as per the PPC the Advertiser gave, the ads will display in order starting with the maximum PPC ad followed by next competitor ad.
The AdSense for content is categorised to a variety of text ads, image ads and as well as link unit ads.Many a people prefer to use text ads rather than image ads because of the high PPC value of text ads rather than image ads. Below are some of the demo examples of text ad,image ad and link unit ad.

Google AdSense for Search :

Google AdSense for Search will help you to maximize your Google AdSense revenue in 2 ways.One is by spinning the search over your own webpages which increases your Page views dramatically.The other way is by using same google search functionalities as available in
As the search ads appear at the top of search results,many people will like to click your ads for their useful purposes.Google AdSense for search allows a publisher to place maximum of 2 Google Search engines on any blog,webpage or forums.

Google AdSense for Domains:

Google AdSense for Domains works good for many publishers whose sites are under construction or not yet launched sites.Instead of wasting their website money, they can keep Google AdSense Domain ads that fill entire website with ads to monetize your website space.
The ads appearing on your parked domains will be based on the inbound links where the user try to obtain information from it.Google AdSense made strict rules to use AdSense for Domains to prevent in valid activity of automated clicks that arises from the websites.

Google AdSense for Feeds :

I dont know much about Google AdSense for Feeds.I think they are like bringing the past visitors again to your website or blog with the updated information that had made presently.
sIf you have any information about Google AdSense for Feeds,please mail me to “”. I will keep your information with an inbound related link to your blog or website.

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