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Google Adsense New Users & Publisher's Instruction 2010 – 2020

Posted by classiindia on August 23, 2010

Google Adsense New Users & Publisher’s Instruction 2010 – 2020:

Is the Business fees Refundable or Transferable?

NO. Business fee is not refundable or transferable

Google Adsense New Users & Publisher’s Instruction:

Is there any other hidden fees?
No. We won’t charge any hidden fees.

Indian Members:

How do I pay the Membership fees?

You can pay through our below mentioned bank account

Account Holder Name :

Account Number :

Bank Name :

Branch Name :

Other Country Accounts:

Payment Methods:

1. Paypal Method

2. Alertpay Method.

Please inform us after paying the business fee to our account.

Is there any chance of getting my account terminated?
Yes. Possibility is there while your clicks against Google Adsense Program policies
Click here to get more details … swer=48182

We can manage only ad placement management terms. You should maintain to avoid fraud click ratio.
When I will get my payment?
You will be paid monthly by Google. Please click here for more details … swer=21591

How can I know how many clicks or hits my website or blog got?

You can view on your Google Adsense account

I already have a job, but would like to earn extra income. Will this affect my current job?
No. It won’t affect your current job. You can do this job as Part time or Full time

Is the system difficult to learn?
No. Easy to learn. More number of tutorials and tips available on internet with free of change

Will I need anything to get started?
You need a website or blog, domain and hosting

What will I get exactly for my business fee?
You get blog or website and google adsense account for your business fee. Apart from this you won’t get anything.

Is there any Assurance for my earning?
No, there is no Assurance your earning. you have to follow google policy, terms and conditions in order to get your adsense earning from google.its totally depends on your effort only.

If I have any doubt, what should i do?
If you have any doubt, please email us at

Mail ID :

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