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How to sign up in redgage

Posted by classiindia on August 28, 2010

How to sign up in redgage

As you click it will open in a new window and now fill the form like below
Name: (Your Name )
Email : ( Your email id ) G mail id is best or its your wish
User name: (Your user name)
Password : ( Your password Which you want)
Gender : (Your Gender) Male or Female
Your Date of Birth: (Your Date of Birth)
Zip code/ postal code : ( you have to mentioned your current mailing area zip code)
Reference: This is optional; but i want you to put my name (zafroo) because we can be friends directly and also from me you have come to know about Redgage. Like mine is zafroo u can join from my referral or it will be their automatically
After filling the form please check it once again that your details are correct and then press submit and now you can enjoy redgage and earn money through this.
Now go to your email id which you have provided while registering redgage . In mail you will get a mail from redgage just open it and click on confirmation link to activated your account . Till now 50% work is over now next.
How to work in Redgage and make money from it
After activating your account just login with your user name and password and follow below:-
How to upload:
First you click upload it is in your dashboard right hand top you have to choose what you want to upload for example you can upload your own blog ,any link, any photo or video of your own or others ….. then you upload your content
How to share :
First go to tools in your account and from their you may share you contained in twitter, face book, delicious, friend’s fid, dig , gmail, yahoo etc. also you can invite manually from your referral link
How to make money in redgage:
In 1000 unique views of your blog, photo, link or any your documents redgage offers you $1 and in good contained you may be winner or refilled
You have to make at lest $25 then a redgage visa card is offered to you and you can withdraw money from your redgage account. Minimum amount withdrawal is $ 25
How to add friend:
To start you can view list of my friends and send them friend request to the person whom you are interested to add him as your friend like click on its photo and open in new window see his account profile and then click add friend its in right hand side top or as said before you may invite your friends from gmail, twitter, face book,or u can directly sent you referral link that’s all you have to do to invite your friends to redgage to bring more traffic
Other activities:
You have the permeation to comment every bodies content, and to write on his wall whether he/she is
your friend or not. You may add his contained as your favorite one and you may rate his contained
with stars. You may flag there contained because redgage give the priority to won write.Every thing
what is happen in your redgage account the report mail is send to you.
Reason to join redgage:
1. you may make money through this
2. you make friends
3. you can share your own ideas and thoughts with the world with out any wastage of money and time.
4. the world may know you as a great writer because this is a popular networking side
To sign up in redgage
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP IN REDGAGE (opens in new window)

Register Here

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