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Posted by classiindia on September 19, 2010

Getting an Google Adsense approval is hard, but getting banned by Adsense is also very Easy Folks. Adsense never bans any of its publishers for no reason, its all our mistake. Thus a clear understanding of their TOC (Terms & Conditions ) is very important before you apply to them or after you get approved by them and have started displaying their ads. But I guess, hardly not even 30% of the publishers read the TOC. This small blunder can play spoilsport to all your dreams about making a five figure income using Adsense. So First Read theTerms& Condition’s Folks.

Read Google Terms& Condition’s here.

The following are the reasons for getting banned by Google Adsense :

1.When the Clicker’s IP address and your IP address are the same. So don’t even by mistake click on your ads.

2. When your CTR is suspiciously higher. According to reports anything above 9% is risky and you have quite a lot of chance to get banned.The Safe Limit is less than 7%.

3. CopyRight Issue. Never ever copy contents from others websites or blogs or forums. Google is too good in finding out the duplicate contents, they are so sensitive that even a few lines of copied contents is a red alert beep in their system. So the Golden Rule ” DON’T BE A COPY CAT “.

4. When the Clickers to your website are from the same Geographical Area. Remember, They have Google Maps to track things very easily !

5. Begging or Requesting the Visitors to your Blog to Click on your ads, that’s silly as well as a dangerous mad idea. So never do that.

6. You are gonna banned when you are asking your friends and neighbors to click on your ads because when somebody over clicks your ads, then you are finished and be very courteously rewarded with a ban by the Big G.

7. They track each and every move of their Publisher with Cookies, Remember, majority of web content today has something to do with google. So, don’t think of going to a cafe or using a Mobile Phone etc to give a few clicks on your ads, its dead risky !!

8. Don’t think that you can click from a Dynamic IP address devices like dial up via PC or mobile phones, they can easily catch your fraudulence activity using so many available techniques, one of which is by using cookies. They track down all the stats of your activity, like how long the visitors have been active on your websites. Usually any visitor to your website will have a look at the contents of your site first before clicking on any of the ads They will not click on the ads first before even started reading any of your contents.

9. Don’t try to use any of the Proxy Clicker Bots or any form of software’s or crawlers that claim to increase your traffic by falsely increasing your impressions, its like committing a suicide. So just ignore them.

10. Don’t place more than three ad units on a page of your website. Although many are seen placing more ad units, placing three adunits on a page is safer and sufficient enough for a decent earning.

11.Try to avoid using free templates that are available on the net for your designing your website or blog because more than 40% of these templates steal away your Google adsense code to be used for them. You gonna get hacked and ultimately banned. Use default template that’s a lot safer & simpler !

12. Follow the Terms& Condition’s and Google adsense updates regularly.

Last but not the Least, Be Honest, You can Cheat and win but cannot survive like that for ever.


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