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Posted by classiindia on September 29, 2010

INDIAN WEBSITE: is the only India based website to appear in the first 100 websites on the web. It was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in New Delhi, and New York, USA. It’s a news, information, entertainment, and shopping portal, which is another world of website. helps Indians worldwide to connect with one another online. It offers a personalized and a secure surfing and shopping environment. Rediff products include web based e-mail, instant messenger, and other web based services like hotel search, airfare search , train search and many more convenient features you need with the click of a mouse.


Infosys Started in 1981 by N.R. Narayana Murthy and six others. Did you know that Narayana Murthy started the company by borrowing Rs.10,000 from his wife?

Now Infosys is one of the largest IT companies with its headquarters in Bangalore, India.
It employs over 88,600 professionals, and has over 9 development centers in India
And 30 offices worldwide today. This IT giant has revenue of over one billion dollars, and rubs shoulders with the world biggest and the best. Its win many awards including the ‘Best Corporate House’ and Best Employer’.


Satyam Organisation founded by Ramalinga Raju in 1987 is headquartered in Secunderabad, India, Satyam is a leading global business and information technology company. To keep up global standards, Satyam constantly monitors and updates its own technological competence. Its main focus is to customize its IT solutions and service that meets today’s as well as tomorrow’s business needs. Satyam has presence in 55 countries.

Story Of Internet
Story Of Internet:

The Internet was developed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. government in the year of 1960’s.At this stage, the Internet was known as the ARPANet. Its first computers were at academic and government institutions. They were mainly used for accessing files and to send email.
From 1983 onwards, the internet as we know it today started to form, and it became a world wide network, reaching into every home. Since 1983, the Internet has accommodated a lot of changes and continues to keep development.

Today the internet continues to evolve and is now available on mobile phones and possibility television in that future.

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