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Actress Nayantara Said 'No' To 1 Crore Offer

Posted by classiindia on October 9, 2010

Today many top actresses like Trisha, Asin are earning lots of money through acting in many commercial adds, the sexy and hot actress Nayantara rejected 1 crore offer by declining to endorse a popular consumer goods product.

It is said that a famous consumer goods company had approached the actress recently to be a brand ambassador for their products but the actress says ‘strict no’ before they completes their discussions on it and even though they are ready to pay 1 crore.

Nayantara says “Once I decide about something, seldom do I revoke that decision. Irrespective of the money offered to me, I said ‘no’ to the offer to endorse the company’s products. I do not want to cheat people by making them believe that I am using the product in order to get them buy it for the sake of the money offered to me. I simply can’t understand this logic.”

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