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Prabhu Deva Upset For Nayantara Posters 2010

Posted by classiindia on October 9, 2010

Prabhu Deva Upset For Nayantara Posters Oct 9.

It is known news that the day is not far when the hot Malayalam beauty Nayantara will be getting married to the multi-talented Tamil man Prabhu Deva.
However, there seems to be some emotional turmoil that Prabhu Deva is still going through due to the recent happenings.

It is heard that Prabhu is upset with the issue of Nayan’s nude posters, the news about Simbu’s talk etc.

It seems he was mentioning about this and felt that speaking about his would-be wife like this is not a happy situation. However, those who heard this have their own justification.

They say that anyhow Prabhu Deva has played with his wife’s life despite her protests so he should not be affected by such news.

Sources from Chennai say that many years ago Prabhu had actually fought tooth and nail to get married to his wife Ramlath and they were even driven away from home for a long time but now the situation has changed topsy turvy. Well, love can change everything folks…

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