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Prabudeva's Words Becomes Bible To Nayanthara

Posted by classiindia on October 9, 2010

Prabudeva’s Words Becomes Bible To Nayanthara :

This girl has been captivated and mesmerized by this guy. Times have changed so much that the moment I say ‘Prabudeva’, the next instant you would tell me ‘Nayanthara’. Nayan has been so much possessed by Prabudeva that all his words seem another bible to her!
Nayan doesn’t seem interested to act anymore! Looks she is building up on that image of a traditional woman, all time devoted to her guy and would listen to him no matter what. Gossips hiss around that she has only one movie titled ‘BOSS enginra BASKARAN’ and the question of ‘Will the lady take up new movies?’ will be a definite NO. But why? I don’t see anything valid except for one reason ‘PRABUDEVA’. Rumors of Nayans wedding with Prabudeva seem to make over reality very soon.

A lump of an offer, a mega budget from the Kannada industry was put forth to this lady. “Joggaya” a movie with the star cast of Sivarajkumar and Nayan as the probable lead was offered. But she ignored despite knowing the fact that it is the 100th movie of the hero and the success would bring stardom and fame.

I am now going to let you know something that would make your hearts pound faster and your mouths gape in wonder! Did you ever know that Nayan was offered a salary of ONE CRORE, the highest every salary paid to a heroine for a Kannada movie? But she refused!! She said NO. And who could be the only reason?? You got it right! Prabudeva.

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