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Rajnikanth Discomfort At Being Called God

Posted by classiindia on October 9, 2010

Super Star Rajnikanth Special 2011 :

Rajnikanth Discomfort At Being Called God :

All other things apart, what Rajni can’t be, is God. Agreed, that his latest, Robot, has been a roaring success, that the actor has always been treated as a demigod in the South, that he has several temples in his name there. But humility surpasses it all. Rajni has expressed discomfort at being called `God’.

A simultaneous release last week that is doing good business at the box office is Khichdi. When Rajnikanth watched one of the promos of Khichdi on television, he told his assistant to question the producer of the film on why his name had been used in the promo. Rajni wanted to ensure that the promo wouldn’t call him ‘God’.

Confirming that he received this call, JD Majethia, the producer of Khichdi said, “I got the call on Monday. Apparently, Rajni sir had asked his assistant to find out the exact nature of the promo. The assistant told me that Rajni sir did not like to be referred as God. I told the assistant that we all have immense respect for Rajni sir and are huge fans of his.

It is both unfortunate and fortunate that our humble effort released with his film. It is unfortunate that we had to clash our film with his although it was never planned that way; the fortunate part is that in spite of such stiff competition with Robot and Anjaana Anjaani, our film stood its ground and has done very good business.”

Explaining that the remarks about Rajni in the promo were not derogatory, Majethia added, “The characters of the film are so stupid that they do not even recognise God when he comes in front of them. Since they have heard so much about the temples being made for Rajnikanth, they think that Rajnikanth is God. It is a sequence on Hansa and Praful. I would have removed the scene if Rajni sir had insisted on it but it’s fine now.”

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