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Super Star Rajinikanth Decides To Contest Elections

Posted by classiindia on October 9, 2010

Super Star Rajinikanth Decides To Contest Elections :

What will happen if Rajinikanth decides to contest elections? The answer is quite simple. The superstar whose fan following transcends all boundaries will undoubtedly win by many many votes. However, the ‘God’, as he is considered by his fans doesn’t have any plans of getting into politics.

On his recent visit to Mumbai, Rajni met the Shiv Sena supreme Bal Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray and so the question was inevitable. When quizzed about his plans, Rajni plainly replied, “No Comments”. Reading between the words it can be observed that the interpretation of ‘No Comments’ is multidimensional!

Though Rajinikanth didn’t say a yes, he didn’t even completely rule out the possibility and therefore only time will tell if the megastar makes it to the political turf. But one is for sure, with the number of fans, friends and admirers Rajni is blessed with, making a successful political career will not be a tough for him

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