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Nagrjuna 2011

Posted by classiindia on October 13, 2010

Nagrjuna 2011

The celluloid scientist Nagarjuna, son of the Akkineni Negeswara Rao, was born on 29th August 1959 . He Graduate with an Engineering Degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. Nag’s foray into films is an act of passion. His first film Vikram(1986), made a splash at the hearts of youth.
It was ‘Geetanjali’ that has taken Nag’s image as a romantic hero to new heights. ‘Shiva’ gave Nag much needed action Hero image and Nag made inroads into the hearts of students. Fueled by the success of Shiva, Nag made a grand entry into Hindi filmdom with the remake of ‘Shiva’. This film has also got him Amala, his soul mate.
Nag paired up with Vamsi to produce one of the biggest Telugu romantic blockbusters, ‘Ninne Pelladatha’. After this film Nag faced the biggest challenge in his cine career. That is to act as Annamayya, the legendary singer/poet of Medieval times.To his credit he blooded Geetha Krishna, Ram Gopal Varma, Uppalapati Narayana Rao, Praveen Gandhi and Pratap. He offered a new comer Krishna Vamsi just by looking at a 5 minute rushes of ‘Gulabi’. Nag will be known as the person who changed the mindset of industry with his creative thinking. He encouraged the new technology in his films. And others followed him.Nagarjuna is characterised by his soft-spoken nature. Being a frank and an open person, he has won a permanent place in the heart of Film Industry in South India.After a decade of acting in films and becoming one of the most popular film stars in South India, he wanted to try producing a film. He made history of sorts, by producing a film “Sisindri” with his nine month old son,Akhil won several awards for his performance.Always propagating quality cinema with clean entertainment, Nagarjuna yearns to make good movies, which would not only rise above the typical commercial movies but also enhance our heritage, rich tradition and family values.

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