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Posted by classiindia on June 2, 2011



One after another, news channels are exposing Speak Asia scam. Some people in
Speak Asia were saying that Star News had personal agenda in covering negative news about Speak Asia. Now
Aaj Tak has covered a news where they have completely exposed Speak Asia ’s claim. Aaj Tak, during the investigation also came to know that Airtel never got any survey done by Speak Asia.
In future many media hoses will be covering
issues related to Speak Asia Scam. The people
who joined Speak Asia are very tense. Some
have even invested in lakhs. Despite such news, Speak Asia is not giving answers to their
panelist. The situation has become very
volatile. Goa government has already initiated
a probe on Speak Asia Online. Some panelist are
even complaining that they have not got any
money after doing survey from past 10 days.

RBI has also initiated a probe on Speak Asia
Online under FEMA.

Uplines are feeding you with wrong information, created just by them. Do they have any answer to feed you that why Aaj Tak covered investigative story on Speak Asia.
This time asks your uplines to show press release or a notice given by Speak Asia ’s company website.

WAIT & WATCH: Some Speak Asians have asked us that in such a hard time what should
they do, our advice to those Speak Asians is
that for some time, limit your activities and
when you see that Speak Asia Online deliver
answers with facts and figures then you can
resume your activities. After all you are responsible to your downlines.

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