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SpeakAsia Online

Posted by classiindia on June 2, 2011

SpeakAsia Online

Do you wish to do part time Business?
Paid Survey program provided by SpeakAsiaOnline
Paid Survey  –  Genuine online paid Survey program information for India.  We are group of members who have joined this program and now earning a decent sum of money. You can also do the same.

Are you looking for part time business with some investment, Well then read about this online paid survey program. This is a lifetime opportunity to make a good sum of money by working part time from your home and at your suitable time. By joining this program, you can earn even more than your full time jobs. To know the details, read the article below or email us at .

1) What are Paid Surveys and how can you earn money from them?
Surveys are simple Questions and Answers or forms. You will receive the surveys by email. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey. For Each and Every survey you complete, you will receive a payment. You can even do this work from home. Companies need your opinions to understand how to reach their customers.For this, the companies are willing to pay a good amount of money to people like you. The survey companies are hired by corporations to conduct studies. These market researchers need consumers to be part of their survey panels (that’s you!) and in exchange for taking their surveys, they will reward you with cash, prizes, and a lot more.
Companies around the world spend enormous amount on advertising and are constantly TRYING TO FIND OUT WHAT THEIR CONSUMERS WANT.
Many MARKET RESEARCH COMPANIES (SURVEY COMPANIES) are conducting surveys on behalf of these global companies. By conducting online market research they can access customers at home, in the office or wherever they are, for honest reaction to the specific products.
With companies spending more and more of their budgets on advertising, your opinion is becoming extremely valuable. Participating in paid surveys means that companies can gauge your immediate response to their new products or marketing initiatives. Paid surveys can be filled in online over the Internet in the comfort of your own home or work place, so that you can register and participate at a time convenient to you.
In just India alone, Companies spend nearly Rs. 300 Billion (Rs. 30,000 Crores) on trying to convince people to buy their products and services – Price Waterhouse Coopers Source: The Hindu, PWC (Check The Link). They minimize this expenditure, by finding out what are the actual needs, tastes and preferences of the consumer by conducting surveys!

* Work from home is an option that no one can turn down .
* You can work from the comfortable environment of your home without being supervised by anybody .
* You can also choose your working hours as you feel comfortable .
* Working from home also saves from the morning traffic jams and high fuel bills .
* And this is the only program where you can make double and triple income than your present occupation provided you work very hard , be focused etc.
* Work from home is suitable for any part time seeker, housewife, student, retired and anyone who wants to make some good money .

2) How Much Can you Earn ?
You can earn anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to 40,000 per month by filling the survey. Practically on a single premium id, you can earn Rs. 20,000  per day (Isn’t it incredible).
3) What is the plan?
You will get to fill up a few surveys every week. At Speak Asia, we understand your opinion is valuable. You get rewarded for your honest opinion and the time you take out to respond to the surveys of our clients. All correctly filled up surveys will earn you reward points calculated on a weekly basis. These reward points can be redeemed 30 days after the submission of your survey. These reward points can also be used to buy products and services from us or our affiliates worldwide. But that’s not all! You can also earn an extra buck by referring your friends to Speak Asia. Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist.
Subscribe for an E-zine (Panelist Training Package) by Online Surveys Today @ Singapore. Once you register, you will be given your Login Details by your Panel Center.
A typical Survey has around 25 Questions with Multiple Choice Answers, and each Survey takes around 10-20 minutes to complete, that’s it!  No Answer is Right or Wrong, because it is your Opinion. Every Wednesday, at 5:00 PM you will get 2 Surveys, which you may complete at anytime during the month.
For earning above income you have to enroll yourself with the company as a premium panelist by paying a subscription amount of Rs. 11,000 ($220) valid for 1 year, in which you will be required to fill up 2 surveys per week by logging into the company’s website through your login id and password (which you will get upon your enrollment) and you will be paid Rs. 1000 ($20) weekly for 52 weeks. So your Total Income in one year is Rs. 52,000 ($1040).
Virtual Office:- Company also provides you a Virtual office with your login id & password to monitor growth of your business and see your earning details 24 by 7, you do not have to maintain any records yourself as this is done online for you by the company’s high-tech software.
Referral: – You can earn more by referring this part time work to your friends relatives so that they also get benefited and you will get paid for getting them enrolled with the company, thus increasing company’s customer base. For each panel referred by you, you get 10% of Rs. 1000 ($20), this income is paid on daily basis. You can refer as many panelists as you can anywhere in India, Singapore and Malaysia and later on Thailand, Philippines and rest of the world.
Royalty: – You will also earn Royalty income of 15% per panel per week of survey income for each of your referred panels for 52 weeks.
Add. Sub panel: – You can increase your income by filling more surveys. For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a discounted subscription rate of Rs. 10,000 ($200) per sub panel with your mail panel. (Total Subscription amount for 10 panels is Rs. 1, 01000 ($2020). Then you will get up to 20 surveys (2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour (or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys) and you will be paid Rs. 10,000 ($200) every week for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs. 5, 20,000 ($10400).
Note: – Company Trade is in $ at the rate of Rs. 50.00 in India. i.e 1 USD = Rs 50

Joining Plan in Brief:
E-zine Subscriptions:
»Option A #
Subscription Cost: Rs. 11000
Duration: 52-weeks
Surveys: 104 (2 per week)
Fixed Weekly Income: Rs. 1,000
Fixed Annual Income: Rs. 52,000
Almost 45% Monthly Return on Subscription Cost
by Spending less than 40 minutes per week!
»Option B #
Subscription Cost: Rs. 33000
Duration: 52-weeks
Surveys: 312 (6 per week)
Fixed Weekly Income: Rs. 3,300
Fixed Annual Income: Rs. 1,71,600
Almost 50% Monthly Return on Subscription Cost
by Spending less than 2 hours per week !
»Option C #
Subscription Cost: Rs. 303000
Duration: 52-weeks
Surveys: 3120 (60 per week)
Fixed Weekly Income: Rs. 33,000
Fixed Annual Income: Rs. 17,16,000
Almost 50% Monthly Return on Subscription Cost
by Spending less than 12 hours per week!
Plan includes two packages
Standard pack of: Rs. 6000 and

Premium pack of: Rs. 11000

* Imp note: you can invest maximum of 9 times on a single ID (with the same pack you have started with)
* Imp note: you can start up with maximum of 3 IDs by your name and maximum of 5 IDs by the name of a firm.


Rs 350 per weak on standard package for 1 year and Rs 1000 per weak on premium package for 1 year
10% direct referral

10% matching binary


We recommend premium package for better earning

Please do contact us for more detailed explanation. Our expert team  will solve any of your queries and also help you in earning good amount of money from the above plans.

4)What are Ewallets Rule About Money Transfer?
Ewallets: There are two ewallets – PANEL EWALLET & SURVEY EWALLET. All direct referral and binary incomes are credited to your Panel Ewallet. Please note that you will find your binary income in your panel ewallet the FOLLOWING DAY. All your survey income goes to your Survey Ewallet.

* You can transfer your Panel Ewallet money to your Survey Ewallet.
* You can also transfer your Panel Ewallet money to another member’s Panel Ewallet.
* You can buy Registration Pin or Premium Subscription (top-up) with your Panel Ewallet money.
* You can withdraw your Panel Ewallet money to your bank account also provided that you have a minimum of $80 in your account.
* You cannot transfer money from your Survey Ewallet to your Panel Ewallet.
* You cannot also transfer money from your Survey Ewallet to another member’s Survey Ewallet.
* However, if you have more than one ID and use the same contact number and email ID, then you can transfer money from one of your Survey Ewallet account to another ID’s Survey Ewallet.
* You can buy Registration Pin or Premium Subscription (top-up) with your Survey Ewallet money.
* You can withdraw your Survey Ewallet money to your bank account also provided that you have a minimum of $80 in your account.

You can open 3 main IDs (called PANELS) and 9 sub-IDs (called SUB-PANELS).

5) What is the risk?
All panelist are earning good amount of money and does not have any problem related to payments. Also, The Company has very good reputation.  You can cover your invested money within three Months after which you will be on profits. So risk is minimal.

6) Which company is this? Can I trust it? – Asia’s Largest Survey Group. Speak Asia — the largest integrated online survey group in the Asian Sub continent. The lineage belongs to the world renowned HMT group, headquartered in Singapore. Over the past two decades, this company has created a unique niche for itself through professionally successful business ventures across diverse verticals including Property Development, Construction, Marketing Services, Manufacturing & Trading of Automobile Parts and Market Research & Services.
Dynamically driven by the genius of Ms. Harender Kaur, Speak Asia is the group’s first inroad into the Online Market Research space backed by a well-planned and strategic presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and Singapore. Over the years, they envision to be the key player of this fast growing USD 750 million market in Asia. They aspire to cross the benchmark of USD 115 million by 2010-2011.
Speak Asia Online is not a finance or an investment company or a bank. Speak Asia online does not take any payments from anyone for participating in its surveys as a panelist. Experienced panelist can join Speak Asia Online without any payments and fill surveys and get paid for all correctly filled surveys. Speak Asia Online in turn gets paid by Indian and international market research organizations for the services it renders for them. The people (potential consumers) who are new to online surveys business have an option to get a subscription to get training periodical to get equipped but this by itself does not guarantee any income. Income is generated only in case they participate in relevant survey programs and fill correct surveys regularly. This training periodical is independent of Speak Asia Online.
Speak Asia online has a very attractive reward program for its panelist, that demonstrates the determination and commitment of Speak Asia towards being the number one online research company in the world and recognizing and rewarding best performance. One can win Toyota Fortuner, Tata Safari, Ford Figo, an all expense paid trip to Singapore / Manila and laptops.
For more details please visit or feel free to call between 10 am to 11pm for company profile and plan details.
This company has 4 lac panelists in India and is growing rapidly in Bangladesh. Company had also planned to operate in various other countries, like China, etc. is a Singapore based company and  has all legal documents to ensure the trust. Speakasiaonline is the Asia’s largest market research and survey group, registered and certified by ACRA Singapore and one of the most genuine and biggest companies operating in India and now in Bangladesh.
Also See:
Speakasiaonline Press Release
Speakasiaonline Company Registration proof
Income Proof Review

7) What is the future plan of this company?
Following are the latest updates  :

* Company is setting up it’s Corporate Office in India in Mumbai to provide better services to it’s market research client’s and panelists.

* There will be three offices in nearby locations in Mumbai – one Corporate Head Office, One Technical Department Office and one Support Center for Panelists with a total employee strength of around 500.

* We have crossed more than 4.25 Lac Panelists across every state in India and Company is targetting 1 Core Panelists by the end of year Dec. 2011.

* Company has crossed more than 1.25 Lac Panelists in Bangladesh. Company is launching in Phillipines in April, 2011.

* Company is in tie-ups with big brands of India and is going to start advertising their products on it’s website from Feb end/March,2011 and also conduct surveys based on these advertisements.

* Company is also going to start e-commerce from it’s website from March end/April 2011, where products of various brands will be available at a discounted price from it’s website to the panelists as well as other consumers. Panelists will also benefit from the sale of products as this will add in their business volumes and they will get commissions on it.

* Company is going to set up it’s Kiosks from September, 2011 (ATM size on-line booking office) all over India in every major area in every city to attract common people get benefit of low price by booking their shopping orders online from Speak Asia. These Kiosks will be owned and managed by selected and qualified panelists and they will earn a huge revenue from sale of products from these Kiosks.

* By next year in Jan, 2012, Speak Asia will begin a new era in I.T. Industry by intoducing M-Commerce i.e. on-line shopping through your Mobile, thus making dependence on computer ZERO.

* Company, for technology upgradation, has tied up with one of the biggest Company in IT Sector in the world – IBM to develop the softwares and systems, upgrade its servers and bandwidth to fulfill the demands of carrying out transactions worth thousands of crores through e-commerce and handle the pressure of millions of panelists logging in same day.

* Company is going to launch it’s own TV Channel in August, 2011 to spread awareness about Speak Asia to common people as well as advertisers and research clients.

* On 19th December, Speak Asia website created history as it had highest no. of users logged onto it’s website, even more than Face Book in India.

* Speak Asia has already become world’s No. 1 Binary Payout company.

* Every month more than 32000 panelists are getting their money transferred on-line in their bank accounts all over India in every bank.

* Company has launched Hindi translation of Surveys and Hindi Brochures to facilitate panelists who are from Hindi speaking States. Brochures are now available on Home Page in “Download Brochure” section.

* Company has launched  two movies about SpeakAsia in Hindi & English. You can download it from “Download Presentation” section on Home page of website.

8) Can you list some of the clients of  SpeakAsiaOnline?

* Yahoo! India
* HCC (Hincon Group)
* Atul Ltd. (Lalbhai Group)
* BILT (Thappar Group)
* Bry-Air (Pahawa Group)
* Dessicant Rotors International
* CPS Colors
* Spectrochem
* Dynalite
* JohnsonDiversey (Unilever & Johnson Wax Professionals)
* Crompton Greaves (India)
* Metro Cash & Carry
* Everstyle Hospitality
* Groupo Kettal
* Goodrich Global
* ThyssenKrupp
* Liberti World
* Zenith Steel Pipes (Yash Birla Group)
* Stream (Stream, Trackmail & Infowayz)
* GTL Ltd.
* B.E.P.S
* Welcome Heritage
* Esmech
* City Gold Entertainment
* Clarion Chain Of Hotels
* Avni Energy
* Underwriter Laboratories Worldwide
* Chinmaya Mission
* Sahil Exclusive
* Valson Polyester Pvt. Ltd.
* Sampark Communication
* Aanan Suiting
* Nivada (Nahar Textiles)
* Ratul Textiles
* Maxfair Drugs
* Lucky Star Entertainment
* BTS Investments
* Many more…

9) Is it legal to work with SpeakAsiaOnline?
Working with Speak Asia is perfectly legal. Our online research panels for market research are legally accepted worldwide. And so is our referral program that rewards you for your extra efforts.
10)  What is the mode of payment?
You will be paid  by Cheque or by wired transfer. Cheque request takes minimum of 7 days and wired transfer takes around 3 days.
11) I am in Bangladesh, Can I join your group?
Yes, We will contact you and help you in better earning.
12) When  should I get paid? What work will I do? Is there any Minimum Requirement?
You will get paid for each survey you fill ($10 each). You get 2 forms each week . You have 20 minutes to fill the each survey. As soon as you fill the survey, your account get $10 Accrued. Means $20 each week. You will be paid in the following month of each cycle of the form date. Minimum Requirement is that you must know English and how to fill forms on the Internet.
13) I will give my best opinion, then why should I pay?
You are paying to get forms, e-Bulletins and product related training. So that you get the best knowledge, before filling the survey.
14) How can I earn money without investment?
You can earn by becoming our affiliate. You explain the plans to others and convince them join Speak Asia through us. For each panelist joining us through we give you Rs 3000.
Suppose, you bring 10 conversion per month, you earn Rs. 30000.

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