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A11 Super King Top 10 Players 2011

Posted by classiindia on June 4, 2011

A11 Super King Top 10 Players 2011



1     Sathish†*
2     Thiyagarajan
3     Balaji
4     Narayanasamy
5     Venkat
6     Reghu
7     Lokesh
8     Sudarshan
9     Shanthakumar
10     Arunath
11     Leo
12     Swaminathan
13     Bharath

5 Responses to “A11 Super King Top 10 Players 2011”

  1. Balaji M said

    These guys are really in good form…

  2. sudarshan said

    hi guys,
    Those who all interest to play .. against this team can come up to captain … and match can start…….

  3. sathish said

    Please take those symbols behind my name,as there is no one captaining the team…… Its all our commitment and effort gave the victory last week…. Hope we all play together without any differences and excel the talent we possess… Fantastic bowling performance from our team….. best wishes..

  4. thiyagarajan said

    balaji is one of the gud all rounder of the match… he played super game that day… the victory wll continue…

  5. Narayanasamy said

    New update:

    Sathish – Captain
    Arunath – Vice captain
    Leo – Manager

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