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How to Unlock 3G service in Lg Mobile |download Unlocker free| Hacks 2011

Posted by classiindia on June 6, 2011

How to Unlock 3G service in Lg Mobile |download Unlocker free| Hacks 2011

HOW To Unlock KG800/LG Chocolate

1. Insert sim from the network that it is locked to.
2. Turn on phone
3. On home Screen, Slide up phone
4. Type 2945#*#
5. ENG. Mode menu should appear
6. Go Down to Factory Reset Select it, may take a few minutes to reset!!!!!
7. This will reset the phone back to before the Phone was locked to a network
8. The phone will automaticaly Restart(Note The Network Logo At start up will not change)
9. Now insert Any simcard(Not tested with 3 sims)and the phone should turn on normaly
10. The phone is now unlocked and you can customise the setting as you like.

I have tested this With LG Chocolate Locked on Orange, T-Mobile, Vodaphone they all work with O2, T-mobile, Vodaphone and orange Sim Cards.

For other Lg mobile Phones :-  download here

For All  user can unlock free your lg via usb sharing just jion my Hamachi Network

Download both hamachi and usb over net here.
3G service Unlocker
G S M g s m *

support phones

CU Series:
CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920
CB Series:
CB630 Invision (Go ‚Settings/Connection/USB Connection Mode’ and set it as ‚Data Service’
HB Series:
KB Series:
KC Series:
KC910, KC910Q, KC910Qa, KC910QAT
KE Series:
KF Series:
KF310, KF311, KF390, KF700
KT Series (Symbian OS):
KT610, KT615 (Go ‚Connectivity’ and set it as ‚Internet Services’)
KU Series:
KU250, KU380, KU385, KU970, KU990, KU990GO, KU990MF, KU990R
MU Series:
TU Series:
TU515, TU575, TU720, TU915
U Series:
U250, U300, U310, U370, U450, U880, U890, U900, U960, U970, U990

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