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Home based freelance writing Tips 2011-2012

Posted by classiindia on June 7, 2011

Home based freelance writing Tips 2011-2012

Lots of people now want to start there carrier in field of home based job or online job. Freelance writing is a good option for them. This freelance writing is most popular home based job. That’s why now a days lot of people want to start there carrier as a freelance writer. People think that they can really establish a successful carrier as freelance writer. Let me discus about few important think about freelance writing. So that new comer will not face any problem. First we need to know what freelance writing is. Freelance writer has to write articles & report for there publisher. That publisher may be web publisher or other publisher (Book, Magazine). Those articles & report may be written based on market survey or on few common topics according to publisher desire. Publisher will pay freelance writer for there articles. So publisher desire is most important in these types of home based job. This is a huge opportunity & main thing its fully home based job. Basically in freelance writing job writer try to sell his article to the publisher. Freelance article or reports are just like a product .Interested publisher will see those article & buy it for there publication. So a freelance writer should be versatile. Its help them to build up there carrier as a freelance writer. But main question is how writer will able to find interested publisher who is reedy to buy there articles? This is a million dollar question in this field of freelance writing. Two things writer can do.
1, There are many websites that offer marketplace for freelance writers. People call those website article directories. A writer can submit there profile & few interesting article on those website. Lots of interested publisher use to visit those sites in regular bases. Because they need those article for there websites or blogs. Every site or blogs need fresh contain for there visitor & that’s why they use to do update there website or blog in regular bases. So those types of article directories are providing huge number of publisher for freelance writer. Basically article directories are working as bridge between writer & publisher. This is the one way of getting publisher .But there is another way of getting publisher.
2, few writers have there own website or blogs. They can use those blogs or website to find out new publisher. But to do so they (writer) should have good knowledge of web designee & SEO. It’s better for every writer to hear one web designer for them. Only few writers have good web design knowledge. Basically writer have to optimize there blogs or web site in various search engine like Google, yahoo, Bing. A web designer will do that behalf of a writer. So when a publisher does search in various search engines for a freelance writer they will able to find those blogs or website. Freelance writer have to post few interesting article on his website or blogs. When publisher see those interesting article they have a clear idea about the writing capability of a writer. If publisher is satisfied with the writing ability of that writer then he or she will buy article from them. This is a most use full way to find new publisher.
Those are the two way of gating publisher. Now let us discus about few thing about writing. As a freelance writer every articles you write should be easy to understand for every reader. Grammatically it should be correct & should focus on main issue of article. When any body is going to write any article they should have clear knowledge about the subjects. Other wise it will be a very difficult for them. There are few types of article writing jobs available .Focus on your subject is the main key of success in this field. So before joining to this freelance writing carrier every body should know about those types of article writing jobs. Its help them to pick up right freelance writing project. Basically freelance writing work are divided in to four parts 1, web content writers 2, Article writing 3, Forum posting and last Blog commenting. So lets discus about web content writing work. Now a day each and every day new website is coming out. Web site owner needs new fresh contain for there web site. Those contain may be based on few product or may be survey or new business idea. A freelance writer should be capable to write those entire things as a web content waiter. Now come article writing. In this project writer have to write article based on few topics. Article writing does not mean that writer have to write article for website. It may be for news paper or magazines. Some news paper or magazines company will have freelance writer for few particular project. Next type of work is forum posting. We all know that forum is a place of discussion. Lots of people use to gather knowledge form forum. Forum owner are use to hare freelance writer for there forum. In this case freelance writer have to post few interesting topics in the form so that people will involve in the discussion. Lastly blogs commenting project.

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