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WC Demons Cricket Team Young Stars

Posted by classiindia on June 9, 2011


Balaji Na Cricket - Cricket Na Balaji

“WC Demons Cricket Team Young Stars”


1     Arunath(C)*


2     Sathish(WK)†

3     Leo

4     Thiyagarajan

5     Balaji

6     Narayanasamy

7     Venkat

8     Reghu

9     Sudarshan

10     Shanthakumar

11     Swaminathan

12     Bharath

Crickhet Romeo


Real Name NarayanaSamy Nick Name Cricket Samy

Cricket Hero

Cool Captain Na Dhoni Top Captain Na Namma Sathish

Silent Bowler

Junior Ganguly

Nathan Mr.Swaminathan

V For Venkat

"GYM" Body Body Storng Base Weak


Balaji M

5 Responses to “WC Demons Cricket Team Young Stars”

  1. leo said

    wow great da .. all the guys looking like warriors … Yup!! we will play like demons>>

  2. thiyagarajan said

    dai bharadhi… adi vaanga pora….

  3. Balaji M said

    All stills r good…:p

  4. sudarshan said

    hi admin,

    Good show man!!!!! pat your self for this superb work……..
    Keep It Up!!!

  5. Raja said

    Na Appdiyae shoch aaiyutaen….

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