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Zarine khan BioGraphy 2011-2012

Posted by classiindia on June 11, 2011

Zarine khan BioGraphy 2011-2012


Zarine Khan in Bikini
zarine khan first did here debut next to super hunk sallu bhai in movie Veer .
zarine khan is actress and model. As she is new to industry u can observe here she is little hefty in here debutant film Veer.

as zarine khan says she was weighed upto 100kg in here collage days. she never dreamed about being a model. she was become thin when here family was gone into financial troubles , in that time she started to loose weight by dieting and gym workouts. later she started to concentrate on modeling field. buy this decision she earned handsome money to here family.

as she was doing here modeling she started to try in acting so she started to attend acting classes. she bagged opportunity in veer only because when katrina kaif dates was not free to movies ,as she was busy to do here committed movies. you can say that she was introduced to bollywood as body double of karina kaif.

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